Gingerstar was appointed leader after the disappearance of Firestar. With his strong sense of duty and the fire of protecting Shadowclan, Gingerstar is a great leader for the clan. Nothing will ever befall the Clan if he can stop it. 

Tom; unmated; mentor of Snowpaw; father of Dottedkit, Sunkit, Snakekit. 



Not long after Gingerstar was named leader of ShadowClan, he named Tawnypainter as his deputy. As a senior warrior with a fierce loyalty and deep sense of ShadowClan pride, Tawnypainter is the perfect tom for the role. His aim in taking the rank is to create lasting peace between the four Clans, and he will stop at nothing to reach this goal.

Tom; unmated; no apprentice; adopted father of Mudpaw and Snowpaw

Medicine Cat


Medicine Cat Apprentice



Poppyswirl - male

Reedfrost - male

Thistletail - female

Venomfang - male

Ravenfire - male

Sagedawn - female

Piedleaf - female


Mudpaw - female

Snowpaw - female - apprentice of Gingerstar

Queens and Their Kits

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(elders here)

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