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Name; Thistlefang

Clan; ThunderClan

Rank; Warrior.

Training; mentor(s); Silverhawk (DF), Nightheart (TC)

Apprentice(s); N/A


Parents; Mother; Willowfeather, Father; Hawktalon (both deceased)

Siblings; Frostfall (deceased but reincurrinated now.)

Crush/Mate; None

Theme songs; None yet.

Info; Thistlefang is a large, handsome, sleek, well-muscled, spiky-furred, unevenly mottled, gray tom with a white face,large,wide,white shoulders, sharp amber eyes, shiny razor teeth, a broad muzzle, and a long tail. He is being trained in the Dark forest by Silverhawk. Thistlefang's answer to most problems or conflicts is to fight... But only if its a conflict usually... Other then that, his plans are cunning, thought out and detailed. He can be wild, vicious and ruthless at many times. Some call him arrogant but it is completely obvious he is never arrogant to his loved ones, as he is very protective of them. Some say he doesn't have a heart. And he's heartless... But he inside, knows that is false. Because he loved ones know its wrong too. Frostfall (Frostwind now), I a perfect example. Inside there is a sweetheart that is lost and is waiting to be found. Frostfall predicted there would be a day where he would find someone who would have the key to his heart.


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