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Hey! This is Rainbreath! Though most people call me for short, ulti, ultimate, rainy, or rain. This is my profile, feel free to check out my kitties/charries. 

My profile and Charrie's site is currently under construction... In the meantime, here are my main charries.

My main characters:

Echostar (RC)

Owldawn (TC)

Wolfblaze (TC)

Cougarheart (TC)

Wolfheart (Wolfsong reincarnated) (SHC)

Riverflight (TC)

Gingersnap (SHC)

Sorrelfern (TC)

Snowfeather (STC)

Tigerfrost (RC, rogue, SHC)

Those are just some of my main charries. I have others, but I'm working on my charrie site so soon you'll be able to see most of their info. In the meantime, This profile is going to be made for my main main character, Echostar. Leader of RiverClan.

click Info to see some more detailed info of my main charries.

other profiles; Riverflight


Insanity & Riverflights litter-

Kit 1: Taken, Rped by me, she-kit, Name: Willowkit 

Kit 2: Taken, Rped by me, Tom cat, Name: Stonekit

Kit 3: Taken, Rped by me, she-kit, Name: Featherkit. Unfortunately, Resides in STC now.

Kit 4: Taken, Rped by Jet, Tom cat, Name: Slay

Kit 5: Taken, Rped by Raineh (Sigh), Name: Midnightkit

Kit 6: Taken, Rped by Sandeh, Tom cat, Name: Ivorykit

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Reply Echostar
1:25 PM on July 19, 2014 
Dapplepaw sat in the apprentices den, her green orbs illuminating with kith as she exited it slowly having just awoken from a nap. She entered the clearing and slowly splayed her paws out in front of her, letting her claws flex and feel the soil she stood on as her tense muscles stretched. She did the same with his hind legs before standing up and shaking her bengal fur out. She looked around the clearing with perked ears that were pushed forward, and a twitching nose. She instantly smelled the fresh-kill pile and remembered how her mentor had just recently taught her the hunters crouch. Deciding that later she would go out into the territory and practice she also made the decision that she'd head over to the edge of the surrounding territory going on the boundary defining territory from the camp clearing. She sat in the surrounding foliage surrounding the ShadowClan camp.
Reply Birch (Fawn)
4:39 PM on July 18, 2014 
lol happeh belated birthday!
Reply Ravenfire
4:33 PM on July 8, 2014 
Happy late bday Rain!!
Reply Echostar
9:46 PM on June 30, 2014 
Tigerfrost only laughed at his response before replying, "Oh tom, I know this. But first they have to find us. Who would do such a thing? Seek us out? Yes some might but they need good luck to find us. We have our enemies, and when we die I know we don't come back but that's what makes the challenge even more motivating. Getting hurt in this dark evil work is inevitable but we get to choose who we allow to hurt us. Just as we get to choose what to fear."Tigerfrost meowed. "Also, my gender does not make me incapable of being who I am. My gender is a stereotype to you toms. For I am not a weak link or a simple breeding post.i can be so much more. Being she-cat is not the definition of being incapable of doing great things. Terrible things... But great."Tigerfrost explained standing up and circling him slowly. "For I am capable of many great and terrible things. My gender only makes my capability even more capable."She explained with a wicked grin. "That is why you toms will never insult me. For my gender is my armor."She meowed before cackling in a laugh and padding back to her spot sitting down.
Reply Echostar
8:27 PM on June 25, 2014 
Sorrelblaze looked up from grooming her fur, her eyes narrowed on the tom approaching and her eyes shined in recognition. Her tail flicked and she nodded in acknowledgement to the tom and she lifted her chin holding her head high. Tall and proud, noting in her mind that this was a handsome and charming tom, noticing his grin. "Your the tom that startled me the other day."she acknowledged, a soft purr of amusement vibrating in her throat and a soft smile appearing on her face. "Hello, good evening."She greeted, "What brings you over here?"She asked the tom with her soft smile plastered across her face.
Reply Echostar
10:18 PM on June 21, 2014 
Honeykit nodded and sniffled, "I..I promise I will do the same. I love to Rosekit. I'm... They say, "Have courage," and I'm trying to
I'm right out here for you, I was waiting for you to let me in. I love you Rosekit... I'll help you with your family. I'm here for you. Always."She meowed, Her ears flattening against her head and she nuzzled her forehead against her sisters, "Where you go I will go, where you stay I will stay, your StarClan will be my StarClan, and your home with be my home."She promised weeping with her sister, pulling her sister closer in her embrace. "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your StarClan is my StarClan. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May StarClan deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.?She repeated and vowed. (HONEYKIT'S PROMISE)
Reply Echostar
7:56 PM on June 18, 2014 
"Hey Icestar- I mean... Iceblood."Wolfheart corrected herself quickly as she sat in front of Iceblood in a conversation. The she-cats soft blue eyes shining brightly and her heart kit up with happiness which reflected on her face. "Wow! It's gonna be hard getting used to calling you Iceblood. I've been calling you Icestar since kit hood!"she exclaimed before looking at him with realization chuckling to herself. "Which was something I wanted to talk to you about. Would you mind taking a walk with me?"she asked politely. "In the territory?"
Reply Echostar
5:02 PM on June 18, 2014 
"I was just thinking about Icestar- I mean Iceblood... And Mom..."She admitted. She remembered she had told Thrivingfire about her mom before. Gingersnap knew she was adopted, a fact she never took for granted and never really thought about, but to her that didn't mean she couldn't have loved Wolfsong as her real mother and Iceblood as her true father; Unlike her biological parents Iceblood and Wolfsong were there for her.
Reply Echostar
5:29 PM on June 13, 2014 
A piercing wail split the silence that was the clearing at this time of day, the yowl of a she-cat being thrown from the nursery like a stone. In the nursery a she-cat of silver tabby fur and a white underbelly lay yowling and panting in her moss nest, claws unsheathed and clutching the ground she lay on. Ripples were sent wavering through her abdomen and her pregnant belly sent pain like fire coursing throughout her systems. This sent out a pained cry calling for help and assistance for which she needed greatly, she felt the warmth of her body rising, and her muscles continuing to tense and untense, off and on it went. Her claws doing the same, sheathing and Unsheathing, clenching the moss and unclenching.
Reply Echostar
9:56 PM on June 12, 2014 
"You can if you want, I'm gonna bring Bluetiger, just in case."She said. "Also, I wanna show you two something in particular first."She said, "Bluetiger come! Follow me!"she said and quickly ran up, she lead them to a stone path that lead upwards towards a more desolate and rural stable. It was large, specifically for a dragon. On the large stable doors was the sign of a night fury. Zahara pushed the doors open and she stepped in. "Daenerys!"she called for the dragon. Suddenly a jet black figure hopped down in the middle of the room, coming down from the cieling. Obviously this dragon was the only dragon living in the stable. She ran into the stables, Bluetiger following her, and flying over to some hay and dragon nip. Rhaenys followed solemnly, taking suttle footsteps. "Is this her then?"Rhaenys asked curiously, obviously intrigued as she cautiously walked inside. Obviously in mid-cuddle session, or a bonding session, Zahara looked up from the activity and cleared her throat. "yeah... This is Daenerys."Zahara introduced, before shifting her gaze to Comet and Crag, "The only other Night fury we know of. The only night fury we have. But now, we have two."She said and smiled.
Reply Echostar
10:03 AM on June 12, 2014 
Gingersnap sat in the camp clearing, the russet somali she-cats amber eyes fixed on her paws, lost in thought. Something she didn't allow herself to do often. She frowned as she curled her tail around her paws after sighing, sitting in a more quiet area of camp. More desolate. Finding herself on more of the outskirts near the boundaries of camp separating the camp from the territory and forest.
Reply Echostar
9:07 PM on June 1, 2014 
Riverflight cried out in agony as she sat by her fathers dead body, tears swelling in her eyes, screams of pain and grief escaping her mouth and reaching out to every cat in the clearing. Showing how much agonizing pain one could reach. She tried to press the blood flowing from his body but when she lifted her paws that now were bloodstained, she looked at the blood and something shined in her eyes. "I'll never forgive you Insanity! If it's the last thing I do I will KILL you!!!"She snarled to the sky before returning to mourning over the loss of her father. Though it had pained her to say that about her once brother, he was not her brother anymore. She would push her feeling for him to the side. She held her fathers limp body in her paws. (RIVERFLIGHTS REACTION TO HER FATHERS DEATH)
Reply Echostar
11:32 AM on May 26, 2014 
Riverflight's eyes widened and suddenly, she pounced onto her feet and charged at the Tom. She rammed into his side and shoved him into a tree. She found herself stumbling when she did so. She then pushed herself up to her paws as the air around them both began to grow colder and colder, and colder. Frost began to trail down the bark of the trees surrounding them, frost began to ice and frost over the grass in the meadow. Riverflight stood tall, looking down at Insanity with serious eyes. She didn't shiver nor did she flinch. The frost began to come at Insanity from all different directions. Her blue eyes shining. Then as quickly as it all came, it all went away. Vanishing and retreating in a split second and the clearing in the meadow returning to normal temperature and the way it was when they found it.
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
4:33 PM on May 25, 2014 
MAH RAINEHPANTS! *huggles* :D Oh hey, you have a Sorrelfern too! :3
Reply Brindlebite
3:23 PM on October 12, 2013 
Who are the kits? And do ya think I could rp one?
Reply Lightheart
6:25 PM on July 6, 2013 
Hahaah thats funny! xD
Reply Skitterstar(a.k.a Skittles or The Doctor)
10:24 PM on January 20, 2013 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Westernsky (Rust)
10:12 PM on January 1, 2013 
U really should change that to Minnowspeck...
Reply Diamondgaze
3:31 PM on November 10, 2012 
Reply Diamondgaze
10:42 PM on November 9, 2012 

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