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Hey, I'm Fennel, but you can call me anytime ;)

previously known as WolfMusic from like 2013 lmao and Koisplash from a few months ago?

They/Him pronouns yo


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11:33 PM on February 8, 2016 
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4:07 PM on September 16, 2014 
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Reply Birch (Fawn)
3:01 PM on July 31, 2014 
xD Or Whirlpaw could secretly be a Murder, You never know... O.o
Reply Moonpaw(Midnight)
9:47 PM on July 19, 2014 
I'll miss you!! i wish i could go to europe ;3; have fun!!!!!!
Reply Birch (Fawn)
10:23 PM on July 17, 2014 
Why am I laughing at her thoughts on Whirlpaw so hard?
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
3:21 PM on June 15, 2014 
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Fennelpaw sat motionlessly under a tree, her amber eyes seeming empty. All that indicated she was alive were the gentle rises and falls of her tortie chest and the slow flick of her tail tip, back and fourth and back and fourth.
Skippeh: A medium sized apprentice padded into the vlearing, yawnin softly, the Siamese looking obviously bored, her black tail flicked gently, her blue eyes scanning the clearing for anybody to to talk to. The she-cat, called Dreampaw, spotted a feline sitting under a tree, and a smile appeared on her face as she trotted over to him, meowing, "Hey there!"
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Fennelpaw's eyes flooded back with emotion and the tortie apprentice whipped around, her tail lashing. "What do you want?" She snapped, her maybe pretty face twisted in a scowl.
Skippeh: She blinked in surprise, meowing, "Well, you're sitting here by yourself, so I thought I would give you some company.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): "Who said I wanted company?" Fennelpaw narrowed her eyes, her neck fur fluffed up.
Skippeh: "It's called a hunch." She snorted, but smiled at her.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): "Well your hunch is wrong." Fennelpaw mewed frostily, wondering why this strange she-cat hadn't left yet. Usually they pad away now, all offended and whatever. Crap, I have to get her away. Fennelpaw opted for the silent treatment, and turned her back on Dreampaw.
Skippeh: "My name is Dreampaw. What's your name?" She meowed cherrily, smiling at her,
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
2:08 AM on June 15, 2014 
2nd part:
~Talonstar~: "N-No.. There would never be another cat.." For once since Leafharmony died, Kestrelleaf shed hot tears. He placed a large but gentle paw against hers. "I.. Don't want to go through this. Be in pain. Feel weak and ill.. That's not a life. We can be in StarClan together, feel young again... With being an elder, you'll never know who dies first.. I want to die with you. While we are still.. Warriors."
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern let go of a breath she hadn't know she had been holding. "Oh.. Oh.. Kestrelleaf.. I..." The words sunk in, and her eyes widened slightly. Closing the distance between them, she pressed her skinny, slightly frail body to his large frame. "What about our kits?" Her shiny, tear filled amber eyes looked up into his, and she felt her self shake. She realized she was sobbing silently, and she pressed her tri-coloured muzzle to Kestrel's dusty brown maw.
~Talonstar~: "That was never going to happen, love.. You haven't had a heat in a while.." His voice cracked in barious places. He pressed his head against hers, his slightly tattered ears flat to his skull.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern blushed fiercely, feeling scarlet flames lick up her cheeks. "I suppose you're right.. I guess I'll die a virgin." She half smiled at her joke and pulled away, looking the huge tom in his still dazzling amber eyes. "I'm going to miss our family... But they will survive without us. I'll... I'll do it. I love you, so so much, Kestrelleaf. More then you could ever imagine." Leaning up, she pressed her nose to his and took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself for death.
~Talonstar~: "You'll die pure.." He pressed his nose firmly to herself, swallowing hard. He leaned over, snatching up six berries. "T-three each.. Will make it go faster.."
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): She took another deep breath, shaking like a frighten kit. "Pure is overrated." She murmered and looked at the little red berries. They looked so innocent, so pure. Not like something that was about to kill her love and herself. "Wait.. Before we pass away... I just want one more kiss.." The calico turned to Kestrelleaf and her eyes shimmering with love and nervousness.
~Talonstar~: Kestrelleaf gazed down at her, giving a nod. He leaned down, placing his thin lips against hers for long moments. Suicide was the last thing he wanted to do, but was a better option at the same time.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern kissed him deeply, feeling for one moment, young and vibrant and alive. Then, as his lips left hers, reality crashed in and shattered her perfect moment. She wanted to kiss him again and again and again and make love to him, but not now. They could do that later. StarClan was waiting for them. Opening her eyes, she smiled warmly at him and gathered her blood red berries. "Ready?" The calico asked, in the strongest voice she could muster.
~Talonstar~: Kestrel choked on emotions, nodding slowly. He placed a paw again on hers and took slow and deep breaths. He lifted his other paws, three red berries caressed in it. He looked down at his mate, ears drooped.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): She gazed into his eyes and smiled, twining her tail with his. She reached down and picked up the 3 tiny, crimson berries and held them to her jaws. "Don't be sad. We'll see everyone again. And we can be young and happy in StarClan together. Things will be perfect. I love you, Kestrelleaf." Time seemed to slow down for a moment as Sorrelfern bit down on the berries. Her amber eyes warm and full of love for the dusty brown tom, she held his gaze as her last living memory and swallowed the poison.
~Talonstar~: Kestrel raised his paw to his muzzle. "I love you more.. Sorrelfern.." Silvery tears rolled down his striped cheeks. He popped the three in his mouth, swallowing them whole. He stared at her for a moment and went stiff, gripping her paw tightly. His body shook and he hung his head, coughing through his nose which seemed to be blood.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern's body clenched as she began to tremble, blood trickling from her eyes and nose. She felt herself convulse and acid spil into her throat as she tried to throw up the berries. Agony coursed through her body as she fell, but the calm smile stayed on her face as her warm amber eyes glazed over. Slowly, her body began to still as her chest stopped expanding. With one final thump, her heart stopped as well. But through her death, Sorrelfern never stopped smiling, her eyes always on her beloved, Kestrelleaf.
~Talonstar~: A weak smile cracked theough his excrutiating facial expression, collapsing to the ground. Blood leaked from his nose and mouth, never letting go of his mates paw. He stared at her and moments later.. He stopped. His lifeless eyes laid on her body, his joints now limp and chest relaxed and still.
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
2:07 AM on June 15, 2014 
1rst part:
Talonstar~: Kestrelleaf limped beside Sorrelfern, his ears laying at the side. He glanced over at her silently, revealing his grave looking face.
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern glanced up at him, her amber eyes warm. Seeing his miserable face, the warmth faded and a sharp stab of pain shot through her heart. "Kestrelleaf.." She trailed off, frightened to know what had him so melancholy. Forcing herself to be brave, she continued quietly."What's wrong?" The elderly she-cat asked, her tail wrapping comfortingly around his shoulders.
~Talonstar~: "Sorrelfern.." His voice shook a bit. He watched her with such sadness, mixed with oure love for the calico. He took a few steps away from her, standing beside a shrub. "Let's.. Be together.." He pulled the leaves, revealing scarlet, hollow berries. "..forever."
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Sorrelfern blinked, not understanding his offer. Then the berries registered somewhere in a small, unwilling part of her brain. "Kestrelleaf..?" She stepped back, confused. "What..? Kestrelleaf.. I thought we were going to grow old together... We could be elders and tell stories and complain about how the apprentices don't know anything and how much better the good old days were...?" Her amber eyes flashed with confusion, her kittybrows furrowing puzzledly . "Then we could be together in StarClan... Or is... Is there.. Is there another cat?" Sorrel forced the words out, nearly choking as her ears flattened against her head and her black and orange tail drooped.
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
4:02 AM on June 9, 2014 
Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Ravenpatch (Name subject to change.. Alot) padded up to Stripedfeather, who was staring at a tree. "Hey there little sister." he smirked, ice blue eyes glittering with cold amusement. // "What do you want, Raven?" She flattened her ears and looked at her paws, feeling small. // "Nothing, nothing. Can't I just see how you're doing?" He blinked innocently, with wide blue eyes that could fool any cat and capture any heart. Stripedfeather, how ever, saw right through it. "Just stay away from me. And Tigernose." She muttered, unsheathing and sheathing her claws. // "Ah yes, I had forgotten what your miserable excuse for a love life was like. How is Tigernose, by the way? He must miss his mate so dearly. He probably missed mating too, so he picked up the most easy she-cat to get in the clan. Poor, friendless, weird loner Stripedfeather. He'll dump you as soon as he's done, you know. " // Scarlet flames flared on her cheeks. "It's not like that! He's not like that. Just shut up, okay?" // "Who are you to tell me what to do? You're just a pathetic little she-cat. No one would miss you, and you can give up on a mate. Honestly, there's no point in living. I'd say you should kill yourself, but I doubt StarClan would want you either." Ravenpatch sighed as he look down at his sister, shaking his head. "For now we're stuck with you, I suppose." His gaze was chilling and Stripedfeather shrunk, the horrible words getting to her. Ravenpatch looked at her as if she was a burden, a bug, something that should be suashed under the weight od harsh words and abuse. // It's not true, Stripedfeather! One voice insisted. Yes it is. What are you? Nothing. You've done nothing but take up space. You migth as well kill yourself. The striped she-cat flinched and shrunk down lower, feeling the tears spring to her eyes. You're such a crybaby, you can't even handle a few words. No wonder you have no friends. No wonder your own brother hates you so much.
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
12:54 AM on June 3, 2014 
More savingggggggggggg)
Phoenix took a deep breath and swallowed her emotions, forcing one pawstep in front of the other. Her ears were pinned against her head as she struggled to keep a normal pace.
Reply <Fennelheart*Mahoganymask>
12:40 AM on June 3, 2014 
Daisyfrost : He turned his head away, falling silent, letting an awkward silence settle in the air. "I've lost too much, know that? You wake up one day to find your mate dead, passing away before your eyes without a goodbye, never seeing your kits, the fur balls who used to make you laugh. They all vanished. Gone, just like that.." His voice cracked.

Koisplash~ (Wolfeh): Hmmm....) Striped looked for words, but found none. Her main problem in life was her brother, but how could that compare to losing your family. How can you tell someone that's it's okay, if they've gone through that? Instead, she pressed her forehead to his shoulder and wrapped her fluffy tail around him. "I'm so, so sorry, Tigernose. I don't know what that's like, and I.. I just... I'm sorry."
Reply тαℓσиѕтαя
9:33 PM on June 2, 2014 
Reply Birch (Fawn)
4:39 PM on June 1, 2014 
Reply Echostar
12:40 PM on May 18, 2014 
MEH WOLFEH!!! *tackle hugs*
Reply тαℓσиѕтαя
11:04 PM on May 17, 2014 
Reply Birch (Fawn)
4:19 PM on May 17, 2014 
I miss you Wolfeh! :( Come back!
Reply ♦Gingerpaw♦
4:23 PM on October 19, 2013 
pictures that work o3o

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