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Cats I RP and Their Colors:

Wolfhowl: Black

Patchpelt: Blue

Ebonynight: Purple

Jadekit: Green



Name: Wolfhowl

Clan: Thunderclan

Gender: Female

Rank: Deputy

Description: Wolfhowl is a silver bengal she cat. she is unusually big for her breed but its mostly muscle. her eyes are amber like a wolf's. Even though she is bigger than normal she is still as quick and deadly as a smaller cat.

Personality: She is extrememly loyal to her clan but she isnt afraid to speak her mind. she can be very strict but she also has a softer more motherly side to her.

Extra Info: Wolfhowl is the great grandaughter of the origonal Wolfhowl (rped by me when i was rping here before) at her great grandmothers dying request she sought out the clans and joined thunderclan. Her great grandmother died before she could explain why she had wanted her great granddaughter to join one of the clans though.



Name: Patchpelt

Clan: Thunderclan

Gender: Male

Rank: Warrior

Description: He is a rare calico colored tom with a muscular build. He has soft green eyes and his tail is missing due to a badger inccident when he was a kit.

Personality: He is very easygoing and level headed when everone else around him are panicking. He does have a bit of a bad temper but its unusual for it to show.



Name: Ebonynight

Clan: Thunderclan

Gender: Female

Rank: Warrior

Description: Ebony is a solid black she cat with a blue tint to her fur. She has deep blue eyes and a slender figure. she looks fragile but in reality she is very strong.

Personality: She is very shy and quiet most of the time. but she is very kind and gentle when you get to know her.



Name: Jadekit

Clan: Thunderclan

Gender: Female

Rank: Kit

Description: She is a mostly white she cat with big black patches on her pelt. She has one green eye and one blue eye.

Personality: She is hardheaded and stubborn. Once she sets her mind on something its almost impossible to stop her.

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