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Gender: She-cat

Age: 14 moons

Rank: Warrior

Clan: ThunderClan

Mate: None, looking (PM me!)

Personality/Description: Dovesong is a slender she-cat with pristine silver fur, the color of the stars in the night sky. Her deep aqua eyes are like tranquil pools, and they show her emotions clearly. She is usually a friendly, kind cat, and even at a young age showed a love of helping others. Her sense of humor is witty and slightly sarcastic, but not mean to her friends. Despite her peaceful personality, she is fiercely loyal to her clan and will stand up for what is right.

Sample RP: Soft rays of sunlight filtered through the bare trees surrounding the ThunderClan camp. The dark silhouettes of branches framed the cyan sky, and the pure white covering of snow on the ground was lit up by the luminous sunbeams. A slender form moved gracefully out of the warriors' den, gazing around with beautiful aqua eyes. Her pelt was a pale silvery-gray, rather like the colour of the stars in the deep night sky, and her fur was luxuriously long. The she-cat stuck out her rose pink nose, sniffing the air experimentally. Her plumy tail waved. This was Dovesong, a warrior of ThunderClan. She didn't know any of the cats in the snowy clearing, and so she trotted over to one she had never met before - a tom that looked to be only a little older than her. "Hello!" she mewed sweetly. "I'm Dovesong. I don't believe we've met before." Her sky blue eyes were inquisitive as she waited for a response.

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