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Reply Olive
12:40 AM on September 11, 2016 
duskswirl sat her fur fluffed up agasint the wind that buffered her fur chilling her pale skin. Her Long fluffy tail curling over her nimble paws. Her greens eye searching the desolate camp. Wit the coming of leaf~fall windclan cats became morbid and overly depressed. The leaf~bare show seemed closer then ever when the cool winds graced the open camp. Duskswirl looked to her sides feeling the wind press her long feathery fur into her sides plastering her usual untamed fur into perfection. Her green optics focused on the ground as the wind began to cease and the clouds began to settle. She peered upwards spotting the pale sun agsint the cloudy sky, a small patch of blue yoked around it as if to protect it from being over shadowed by the dark clouds. An air gust from her left side nearly sent her skidding as it blasted at the side of camp brushing over her and raking down the other side of the hill into the rest of The moors. She let out a gruff sigh and got to her paws feeling the dust stir beneath her creamy coloured paws. She padded towards the small freshkill pile seeing the slim pickings she grabbed a hare and dragged it over to her post. Setting the skinny hare down she began eating slowly, her teeth digging into the cold flesh feeling the blood burst fourth from the broken viens and into mouth. causing her to salivate before even tasting it. With swift bites she was close to done when she pushed it away to let the rest of her food to settle in her belly as she settled down on her side. Her cool green gaze graced the thicket that covered the windclan camp and sheltered it from blasting rains, of course not winds, just as she thought another harsh blast exploded up in her face sending dust into her already messy fur and glossy eyes. The creamy and brown swirled she cat leapt up grumbling under her breath as she wipes her eyes with the back of her cream coloured paw. Finally she came to tears as she forced the dirt from her eye. Letting out another gruff sigh she sat back down staring at the camp entrance and seeing small parts of the moor she ahd adored once. Every leaf~fall she began to hate windclan for its exposure, during new~leaf she enjoyed Windclans luxuries. Inbetween she felt no love or hate for the open moors. Yawnigb the she cat settled down once more shutting her eyes to avoid the dust particals and Debre her glassy eyes would pick up. Tucking her paws neatly over each other she allowed her fluffy tail to cover her slim body.

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