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profile layout stolen from mumblestar

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Reply Crookedpath
6:43 PM on August 26, 2016 
Congrats on deputy!
Reply Cherryblaze
9:01 PM on August 21, 2016 
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Reply Cherryblaze
9:49 PM on August 19, 2016 
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Reply Littlepaw
9:51 PM on August 16, 2016 
saved post

The sound of footprints faced both directions of her. Her optimistic orbs pure yellow faced the noises. She stopped crying looking at the outline of two cats. Both different reactions were given to her a hmph and a "are you alright" were both said. The she-cat was known as a very skilled apprentice because of her mentor who always teased her in a rude way making her tell herself that she could do what she needed to do. Her sore paw pads quietly unsheathed her claws as she turned to face both voices. The she-cat wanted to sound tough but that was impossible. She had a disability she never wanted to have before a disability where cats could not understand her as easily as she wanted them to. A stuttering disability. Littlepaw showed no fear or expression in her face. "y-yes Im a-alright now g-go w-wonder o-off t-to your f-filthy r-rouge duties. S-SCAT" She yelped out gulping a small lump in her throat. Fear and anger burned in her eyes. She didnt care if this was her last day she didnt cat at all. With a gleam of her eye she noticed the cats haven't left yet. "D-did y-you n-not h-hear me I s-said g-get a-away you filthy f-fleabags!" She screeched a the top of her lungs getting into a warning pose. She bent down reveling her hard core muscles underneath her flank and lower back. Furious thoughts scanned through her head as she awaited their response. She glanced around the dark forest wispy stone flat strands of fog swirled around them in a spiral motion. A rock nearby lay flat on the ground where she put her long leopard patterned paw on to act like a bolster. The she-cat had been in many outcomes like this before usually wondering off to different places other then the dense forest. She usually won the battles but only came out with a few scars. The she-cat had thoughts running around her mind. Thoughts of fear thoughts of anger and thoughts of peace towards the cats. But clearly she had not made a great first impression.
Reply Wolfstar [Blizz]
12:18 PM on August 16, 2016 
Welcome to FT! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Reply Ravenfire
2:10 PM on August 15, 2016 
welcome !

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