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Born a kitty-pet named Spice, when she was five moons old her house burnt down and it killed her family including twolegs. With nowhere to go she met and lived with her half-brother, Venom, for a moon until they were forced to seperate and she ended up joining ThunderClan as an apprentice. Cherryblaze changed her name from "Spice" to "Cherry" because of a nickname Venom would call her when they were kits. From Spice to Cherrypaw to Cherryblaze. She is a flame-pelted feline with a quirky personality, passionate over her dreams, undyingly loyal, and holds bravery that knows no bounds. She is very protective over Venomfang. 

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Their second theme song: Love the Way you Lie 2 ;



The son of an exiled Clan-cat, Venom was born a rogue and raised up to seven moons old in the darkest allies of twolegplace. His father was very abusive, very manipulative, and very callous. He left scars on Venom in more ways than one, permanently damaging his mental state. If he hadn't of met Spice, he could of gone down a very dark path. He was once a tom who felt nothing but then felt everything with his new and first bond. It broke him when they were forced to seperate. After his father's death he went in search of her but ended up in ShadowClan, seeing no better way to find his sister he stayed with them. Becoming Venompaw then Venomfang. And then he eventually found her and they were reunited. Venomfang is a very massive dark brown tabby tom with icy amber eyes and abnormally long fangs. He is particularly handsome but has a reserved, serious personality. Merciless in battle. Even blood-thirsty. 

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