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"I'll be the light in your darkness, Venom.."

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Warrior of Fire
Fearless Fighter of ThunderClan


Name: Cherryblaze I Nickname(s): Cherries, Cherrbear

Gender: she-cat I Scent: sweet aroma

Clan: ThunderClan I Rank: deputy

Age: 23 moons


Mate: Jadestar I Kits: none

Past Mentor: Yellowstrike I Apprentice: Coalpaw

Best Friend: none I Admires: Appledusk

Rival: none I Enemy: none


Emotional Status: affectionate I Mental Status: 100%

Health: 100% I Injuries: none

Body Condition: perfect I Currently: conversing

Warrior of Ice
Misguided Soul of ShadowClan


Name: Venomfang I Nickname(s): Ven, Venny

Gender: tom I Scent: fresh and addicting

Clan: ShadowClan I Rank: warrior

Age: 24 moons


Love Interest: none I Kits: none

Past Mentor: Ravenfire I Apprentice: none

Best Friend: Sagedawn I Admires: none

Rival: Coalpaw I Enemy: Appledusk


Emotional Status: murderous I Mental Status: 89%

Health: 100% I Injuries: none

Body Condition: perfect I Currently: confronting

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Reply ~Sigh~Rainstar and co.
10:26 PM on May 8, 2017 
Reply Halefeather & co.
10:18 PM on April 23, 2017 
youre berry welcome cx
Reply Halefeather & co.
11:15 AM on April 23, 2017 
You did an amazing job on the grapics
Reply Halefeather & co.
11:26 PM on April 12, 2017 
Reply Spottedpaw
5:47 PM on March 30, 2017 
I would love that! Whenever you're free we can! ;)
Reply Cherryblaze
2:20 AM on February 22, 2017
My Quotev. Making role-playing quizzes about Cherryblaze and Venomfang. You might like them, check them out! See what they think about you or how your training goes when they become your mentor.
Reply Deerkit
8:32 PM on December 7, 2016 
haha XD
Reply Cherryblaze
1:43 AM on October 26, 2016 
I've... Got... A... WATTPAD
I've wanted to make one for a while but yeah.. the motivation problems xD anyways I'll be writing about Cherry and Venom from kits to apprentices to warriors to deputies, to leaders, and who knows. A meteor hits and everyday dies. Come read?
Reply Echopaw
10:18 PM on October 9, 2016 
ikr XD, I was looking for a photo for Echo, and I found this and I'm like omg got to have!

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