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26 years old
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Name ☛ Lichenpaw [Lizard - Lichenkit - Lichenpaw - Lichen....]

Gender ☛ Male

Alliance ☛ Windclan

Rank ☛ Apprentice

Mentor ☛ Brindleback

Personality ☛ TBA

Description ☛ White cat with brown tabby striped patches. Small in stature with big paws. Each paw has two extra toes which makes it easier for him to grab things and climb. Sky blue eyes clash with his brown tabby striped face.


Relations ☛

Dead - Alive - Up for Rp

Parents: Mocha [Loner] x Beetleshell [Clan cat who left the clan]

Adopted Parents: Shellsong [Queen] x Ravenfang [Warrior]

Siblings: Weevil, Ash

Adopted Siblings: Goosepaw, Woolypaw

History ☛ Lichen's father left Shadowclan to be with a loner whom he had fallen in love with. The two had Lichen, whom had been named Lizard, and his siblings, Weevil and Ash. Disaster struck the happy family though. Just after the couple's kits were born, a fox attacked the pair. Beetleshell, mortally wounded, managed to carry his survivng kit to the border and collapsed, dead. Ravenfang was hunting for his mate whom had just had kits of her own. Seeing the dead former warrior and the helpless newborn kit, he scooped it up and smuggled it back to camp. They both claimed this new addition to their family had slipped out after the medicine cat had left and had gone unnoticed. They named the kit Lichenkit and raised him as their own, no one being able to tell the difference. That this kit was not full clan. Lichen does not even know his own half clan past. As far as anyone but his adoptive parents know, he is full clan.

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Reply Crookedpath
11:13 AM on August 30, 2016 
Yup. Casual potato living
Reply Copperpaw
3:34 AM on August 30, 2016 
Reply Brindleback
9:19 PM on August 29, 2016 
eeee a new member I see

Im brindleback or Littlepaw here c;

Lets see no alliance picked how dreadful!

I suggest Wc and brindle can mentor youuu

or rc and you can be friends with little!

but the choice is yours on the clan you want..

I'll give you cookies if you join wc and cupcakes for rc

-slowly disappears in the distance-

btw welcome!
Reply Crookedpath
5:25 PM on August 29, 2016 
I live in potato too!

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