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Shadowclan medicine cat |||| Male ||||| Bisexual |||||

Vireopaw apprentice |||| Sarcastic, charming, witty, short

tempered, caring, snooty, quiet, stern |||||


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Reply Serendipity
12:53 AM on April 28, 2017 
Thanks! :D
Reply Sorrellight(Tree)
6:38 AM on April 27, 2017 
Thats find. I understand completely. (With everything you just said), I am kinda busy as well because my family just got more foster puppies.
Reply Sorrellight(Tree)
6:50 AM on April 26, 2017 
I know TC Med Cat is free... no one has really showed an interest in being one.
(I didn't intent for this, but I am going to ask some questions)
Would you take the apprentice spot, or should I still look for someone else to?
Will current HR's be able to change their ranks?
Would you be able to continue the rp with Lightedkit and the others?
Reply Sorrellight(Tree)
7:01 AM on April 25, 2017 
Yes I am, just can't get access to the rp boxes like I used to because of my stupid IPad.
Reply Dewcloud
1:11 AM on April 21, 2017 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Dewcloud
11:53 PM on April 20, 2017 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Halefeather & co.
2:46 AM on April 12, 2017 
Reply Vireo
3:30 PM on April 9, 2017 
I posted in the medicine den for Vireo and Crooked
Reply Gingerstar
1:02 PM on April 8, 2017 
Reply Vireo
2:36 AM on April 8, 2017 
i feel you there lol
Reply Gingerstar
8:47 AM on April 6, 2017 
Reply Gingerstar
2:05 PM on March 21, 2017 
Reply Vireo
9:54 PM on March 12, 2017 
Hallo Crooked! Would you want to roleplay a training session in the medicine cat den sometime soon?
Reply Bramble
6:48 PM on February 28, 2017 
Reply Rubystar
6:02 PM on February 18, 2017 
It's okay, we all make errors sometimes xD
And of course he's a looker, i've always been a sucker for lighter colored cats ^-^ And I think it's mostly personality that counts cx
Reply Rubystar
9:27 AM on February 17, 2017 
Thank you! I cannot wait to roleplay with you sometime ^^ And Crooked is a total looker as well o;
Reply Brindleback
5:25 PM on February 13, 2017 
ahh that would be very lovely just PM me whenever you want to c':
Reply Gingerstar
3:40 PM on February 13, 2017 
He nods happily. "Yes pwease." he mews like the big kitten he is. "Yaaaaaaay." He then proceeded to spin around in circles like an idiot.
Reply Gingerstar
10:47 AM on February 13, 2017 
Gingerfart's ears perk up. "Y-you would do that?" He questions, his eyes glittering. He hug tackles Crookedpath to the ground. "OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" He practically screeches. Because he is Gingerfart.
Reply Brindleback
4:57 PM on February 12, 2017 
cutee but fierce

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