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Waiting in the sky.
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Age :: 22 moons

Rank :: Pending

Gender :: Demigirl

Sex :: afab

Sexual/Romantic Orientation :: Pansexual/Panromantic

Affiliation :: WindClan

Bloodline :: 79% Windclan - 15% ThunderClan - 6% Unknown

Last Updated :: April/21/2017

Past Affiliation(s) :: ...

Future Afilliation(s) :: ...

Current Educator(s) :: ...

Past Educator(s) :: (Open)

Future Educator(s) :: ...

Current Pupil(s) :: (Open)

Past Pupil(s) :: (Open)

Future Pupil(s) :: (Open)

Biological Parent(s) :: ...

Adoptive Parent(s) :: ...

Biological Sibling(s) :: ...

Adoptive Sibling(s) :: ...

Crush(es) :: (Open)

Mate(s) :: (Open)

Ex-Mate(s) :: ...

Offspring :: ...

Other Relations (Biological) :: Pending

Other Relations (Adoptive) :: ...

Traits :: Loyalty; To a cat, loyalty can mean many different things, like loyalty to themselves, loyalty to their family and loyalty to their beliefs, but to Dew, loyalty means workig hard and supporting her Clan, no matter what the price. ||| Witty; Quick with a joke and even quicker with a plan, Dew is a cat to push themself beyond their natural limit, and so when all other cats find a situation it going too fast, Dew sees it as slow and quickly jumps to the front to solve a problem. ||| Empathetic; Another cat's body language is also slow to Dew, and she can swiftly filter between truth and lies, usually successfully, making her in turn both sympathetic and empathetic through her ability to read others. ||| Fast-Paced; Dewcloud is a cat who is hard to keep up with when she speaks, her mouth moving almost as rapidly as her thoughts, due to everything in her head going extremely fast, as it would for any cat who constantly forced themself to multitask so much. This sometimes makes them hard to understand, but their rapid pace can also be a life saver of sorts. ||| Impatient; If something isn't going quick enough, it immediately disinterests her, leading her to sometimes forget some things that may have been important but too slow for her. If something isn't challenging and isn't swiftly paced, it may as well never be mentioned to this cat at all! ||| To be developed.

Mental Health :: Slightly strained but healthy

Psychiatric Complications :: Mild Anxiety

Phobia(s) :: Hoplophobia

Likes :: Running, being mentally and physically challenged, effort, loyalty, being acknowledged

Dislikes :: Laziness, slow-paced activities, non-challenging work, cowardice, traitors

Religious Beliefs :: Believes firmly in StarClan

Outlook :: Mood-dependent, usually realistic and a bit optimistic or pessimistic.

Favorite Food(s) :: Rabbit (mostly because she enjoys huting them)

Least Favorite Food(s) :: Mouse (too slow)

Intelligence :: 9/10

Responsibility :: 4/10

Talkatively :: 9/10

Sociability :: 8/10

Politeness :: 4/10

Favorite Word :: Rapidly

Favorite Sound :: The whistling of wind in her ears

Least Favorite Word :: Stop

Least Favorite Sound :: Indetermined

Brief Appearance Overview :: Smallish, pale, silver feminine cat with a darker silver back stripe, long tail, a wiry, lean build and intense, steely grey eyes.

Refference Links ::

Physical Defect(s)/Abnormality(ies) :: None diagnosed/Apparent

Base Pelt Color(s) :: White-Silver

Marking Color(s) :: Darker silver

Eye Color(s) :: Grey

Nose Color :: Pale pink

Pawpad Color(s) :: Pink

Markings :: A faint back stripe reaching from her forehead to her tail

Breed(s) :: Brawny Burmilla (Mixed)

Fur Length :: Short

Whisker Length :: Average

Tail Length :: Slightly longer than average

Strength :: 3/10

Reflexes :: 9/10

Agility :: 10/10

Speed :: 9/10

Strengths :: Speed, her reflexes, quick reaction time

Weaknesses :: Strength, size, occasionally tail length

Theme Song(s) :: Non-Stop - Hamilton Character

Notes :: Voice Reference - Evanna Lynch

Name Meaning :: Dew; Her fur color / Cloud; Her traveling as fast and light as a cloud

Fun Facts :: None as of now

Credit(s) :: Image belongs to its rightful owner(s) @

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