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21 years old
Otherwise known as Coldtundra/Gardeniapetal!
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S    u    n    p   a   w

gender .. cis male

hide coloring .. ruddy splotched brown

currently aged .. seven and a quarter months

occupation .. student of thunderclan // under the training of snowflurry

relatives ..  rathide (npc, father) antkit and olivekit (npc, twin brothers)

^ ^ ^

Sunpaw also known as sunny or sundown, is the son of Rathide and the older brother of twins Antkit and Olivekit.


A well muscled apprentice with somewhat long and muscular legs, he has a similar physique to his father's. When younger, he accidentally tripped and fell on his jaw, contributing to his lisp.


Sunpaw is the normal apprentice of thunderclan, except he shakes his hips and wiggles his nose because he knows how to 'dance'. Sunpaw's feelings are mutual and are hidden in his dancing, while nobody knows what he's feeling because he seems emote. If he had a crush, and they were falling for another tom, he would get jealous and start doing things to win them back; he dislikes being refused. Talks with a severe and unintelligible lisp which makes it hard to understand what your hearing. However he is shown protective mostly towards his twin brothers, and gets offensive if someone rants about them.

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