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"Cloudclan isn't scared of showing themselves to the clans. They're staying true to our founder's exile that happened so long ago. So, in other words, Cloudclan is a clan of upheld promises."~Oaksun
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Tiger, Whitepaw, Whitekit

Rank | Clan | Gender

Warrior | Thunderclan | Male/Tom (He, his)

Crush | Mate | Friends

Open | N/A | Open

Mother | Father | Siblings

Snowypeak(open) | Shadowstripes(open) | Ferngaze(open), Shadedpaw(open), Pouncingpaw(open), Crescentstripes(open)

Physique | Scars | Disformaties | Physical Health

Whitetiger is a rather small tom, but what he lacks in size he fills in with his intelligent, happy personality. He's a pure white tom like his mother, but his pelt is covered in dark black stripes just like his father. But, unique to his sister Ferngaze and him, he has pale green eyes.

Whitetiger only has one unhealed scar, a pink line that crosses over his right eye. When he was only a young apprenticce, Whitetiger had gone too close to the Twoleg place. He met a rogue there who was hunting in Thunderclan territory, Whitetiger had felt obligated to defend his Clan's territory. He fought the rogue who was older, stronger, and bigger. He ended up getting a scar over his eye that never really healed completely.

Whitetiger wasn't born with any disformaties. 


Personality | Mental Health

Positive - Cheerful, intelligent, quick thinker, determined, fiercely loyal, over protective, selfless.

Neutral - Curious, patient, friendly.

Negative - Long lasting grudge, over selfless, quick to take action, over protective, (can be) impulsive.


History | Ambitions

Whitetiger was born to Snowypeak and Shadowstripes. He grew to be as loyal as a Thunderclanner could be, if not more so. But there came a time in his life that things grew rocky, and he fled. He fled like a coward. Whitetiger took the name Tiger and preyed on rogues that got too close to Thunderclan. Whitetiger was half Riverclan blood and felt unwanted by Thunderclan-if not distrusted. Which is why he'd fled, but even so, he couldn't stop thinking about the protection of Thunderclan. Which is why, as a rogue, he ensured that all the rogues kept off of Clan land. Finally, Whitetiger returned home. But still, he feels off, distant and seperated from Thunderclan. Maybe it's because he secretly desires to feel the flow of cold river over his form. Or the fact that fish appeals to him more than another one of those rotten mice. Who knows, Whitetiger has always simply felt detached. 

Whitetiger wants to be a mentor and one day earn respect from all his Clanmates. Instead of being seen as a cat who was born a mistake, or a half outsider.

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