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Cherryblaze is the fiery one who is known for being brave as well passionate. A bit reckless and always jumping in head first without thinking but always never gives up on any goal. She's the adventurous type who likes challenges, whether or not they are given to her or she makes them herself. She can be hasty and impatient at times, pretty feisty and really hotheaded. As fiery as her pelt. But she's confident and fierce in battle, and a truly loyal friend. Kinda quirky but determined and headstrong. Formerly a kitty-pet named Spice who's house burnt down when she was young. She's a tomboy kind of female.

More info here: Cherryblaze

Venomfang is a massive tom with normally an expressionless look on his face and ice in his amber eyes. So of course, he seems like not an approachable cat and isn't very talkitive either, dislikes crowds. But, he is a calm and attentive cat. Due to a past that has mentally scarred him permanently, making him pretty much obedient, docile, and loyal to the core. He is rather generous though it is rarely ever noticed. He never smiles of course. His darker side takes a larger majority of his soul that his good parts. Always serious and reserved. Very sadistic type of tom with a thirst for blood and merciless in battles. When pushed to his limits, he is one to become insane. He is also fairly handsome. Born a rogue, in fact the son of an exiled Clan cat.

More info here: Venomfang

Cherryblaze and Venomfang are half-siblings, sharing the same mother who is a purebred kitty-pet named Duchess. Venompaw is a moon older than Cherryblaze, being that Duchess was with Venomfang's father before she left his father and fell in love with Cherryblaze's father, Cherryblaze and her siblings being born later. Venompaw's father was exiled when he was an apprentice named Fangpaw. Fangpaw was soon to receive his warrior name but was exiled for murder before he could, and changed his name to Demon. Demon's heart was broken when Duchess left and he took out his hate on their kits. His and Duchess's kits were born in leafbare, so when he left they all froze except for Venom. Only he survived. Venom seemed to 'fascinate' Demon and train him to fight in ways only to see how strong he could ever become. Which resulted in Demon physically abusing his own son. Venom could be easily defined as a coward, scarred too easily. Even when forced by his father to kill his first crush, Lilac, he was afraid to die and killed her instead. After six moons of a life no feline should live, he began to go insane under a stone cold face. - Cherryblaze/Spice was born into a pampered life unlike Venom, she didn't have to search for food or suffer the harsh weather. Spice enjoyed her easy life, and would've remained a kitty-pet for the rest of her life if her house hadn't burnt down. Her father was the one her saved her, taking her outside to safety before going back inside for the others. Only he never came back.. Her family and twolegs perished in the fire. Having no home now, she left and wondered twolegplace. - Eventually Venom and Spice met, Venom saving Spice's life when she was cornered by thirsty rogues. Spice had always admired Venom and thought of him as being "cool" for the way he carried himself and how well he was at fighting. However, Venom admired Spice just as much for completely different reasons. Spice had a strong heart, having courage that knew no bounds and she just had this burning light inside of her that melted Venom's icy walls and he felt safe by her side. An accident had happened and they were forced to separate, Venom using himself as a decoy so Spice could escape into the forest. Venom followed after her later on, taking a different route by accident and ending up in a different Clan.

And this is where their new chapter begins..

-Message me if you want to have a mini plot with Cherry or Venom!

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