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my house XD
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If you're kittypet/loner/rouge desiers to join ThunderClan, please PM me! If you need a ceremony, also PM me. Really, if you need anything, PM! 


Name  Waspstar

Sex  Female

Age  18 moons

Loyalty  ThunderClan

Apprentice  N/A

Future Apprentice  Lynxkit(paw)

Love interests  None

       Kin  Softflower(mother), Beestorm(father)

Friends  None

Close friends  None

Enemies  None

Pros  Fierce, Protective, Natural leader, Understanding, Good sense of humor, Loyal, Compassionate, Inteligent, Calculating

Cons  Stubborn, Prideful, Sarcastic, Provoker, Cunning, Competative, Can find it hard to be serious at times

Physicality  Waspstar is a sleek she-cat of medium stature, and though she can't  be called overly muscular, she uses her speed and her brain to her advangate in battle.

Physical health  100%

Mental health  100%

Theme Song  Pending

Voice Claim  Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen)

My other charries:

Wildpaw, RC:


Emberkit, ShadowClan:


Duskfall, ShadowClan:


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Reply Newtstar
9:21 PM on March 28, 2016 
Reply Emma Barrows
3:32 PM on March 3, 2016 
Where are you? -cries-
Reply Newtstar
10:18 PM on March 1, 2016 
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I forbid Wasp from loosing ANYMORE lives!!!!!!!!
Reply Waspstar
6:31 PM on February 19, 2016 
The knock that came almost immediately after he sent the text brought a grin to Jace's face as he jumped up, striding across his living room (as big as most people's entire apartment, and opened the door, only to find a rather disgruntled looking Ciara. "Eya Cici," - He said with a smile as he stood aside to let her in, - "Took your time. The pizza's getting cold, you know. Man, that delivery guy was like, so scared of me. It'd be funny if it didn't happen so often. Though, I have to admit, they always perk up after I tip them," Unfortunately, when he saw the nervous, bordering on scared faces of the delivery men, he tended to give them really high tips, out of consolation. And he mean really high. This pizza costed about twelve dollars, and he gave the guy a forty dollar tip. He could more than afford it of course, but still, most people would consider him insane. Then again, most people didn't have his problem... Jace's train of thought was interrupted by high-pitched barking as Scott clumsily bounded over, his long floppy ears, still waiting to be grown into, tripping him up a couple of times. The puppy began a furious sniffing of the strangers shoes, and tasted them a couple of times to make sure they weren't a threat. Satisfied that the house was safe, he reared up onto his hing paws,and placed his font ones on Ciara's knees, barking happily up at her, his tail wagging furiously. This little, adorable pup was so out of place with the rest of the house, it was quite hilarious.
Reply Waspstar
5:38 PM on February 12, 2016 
Reply Waspstar
9:47 PM on January 27, 2016 
The girl you just called fat... She's overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped... He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars... He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying... His mother is dying. Put this as your status if you're against bullying. I'll bet 95% of you won't re-post this, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will
Reply Waspstar
12:34 AM on January 24, 2016 
Finally everything settled into place like puzzle fitting itself piece by independent piece, and the brown tom could see what was in front of him without having to squint, hear a string of words unaccompanied by some lingering echo, pale nose catching fresh air as leaf-bare blew one breath though onto both cats sitting comfortably. He could also just catch every undertone within his leader's pretty when shuffling meekly beyond patched ear fur so long each strand blended into the rest of his pelt. "You two will definitely get along, but I think butting heads is what awaits most of your moons together." Thoughts went on to his own apprentice, only recently appointed and so young. A twinge of great nervousness had churned inside the new mentor's stomach as they touched noses in a sort of greeting. Everything this little guy is to become depends on how well I can go on and teach he remembered thinking, green eyed peeling wide as moons, reflected within his smaller companion's. Appledusk shook his head forcibly and came back to the present. What will happen shall, in it's own time. It took him a moment before he realized the she-cat had spoken, and another to fit those earlier mentioned pieces into a bigger picture so that everything made sense as it should. "Well...honestly, Waspstar? I think you had a right to call out ShadowClan like you did. Our woes are in their paws. I believe you know exactly what you are doing, and to be made to question such is not a quality you were made leader for." He bit the edge of his tongue before any more words crashed recklessly out, spilt forward so without caution. Large ears lay pinned back onto his round skull, waiting, wondering if freedom to say what one will still implied in this particular situation. "I agree that we should be working together," he dared murmur at last, eyes peering intently down at his leader's own. "That is why I apologized. You are everything I have ever grown up wanting to be." He took a step away, as if to ask if she wished him gone.
Reply Waspstar
9:31 PM on January 23, 2016 
Dead Mottle/ Yeller (Spiderstar): The she-cat's frown quickly changed to a smile at Duskfall's mrrow and glanced back at her. "Cute and cuddly, for sure," she said teasingly. But, as Duskfall continued to speak, her playful smirk changed into a softer smile. "T-thank you. No one has ever said that to me.... But you really feel that way? You don't see me like they do." With that, she rose to her paws and lightly touched her dark nose to her companions's disheveled fur. "I should definitely keep you around more," she said sincerely. "Not only do you not hate me or find me obnoxious, but you are a rather strong and impressive warrior. And, also, you're cute and cuddly!" Her voice grew more and more joking as she went on, ending her words with a smirk.
Waspstar: Duskfall smiled, a little sheepishly, actually, as Spiderstar thanked her, ad she blushed, grateful for her dark fur that hid it so well. "Of course I feel that way," - She muttered, looking down at her paws and scuffing the ground a little. She was letting these emotions, real, sincere emotions flow out. Many cats wouldn't see it, but this was Duskfall's way of showing trust. And she really never did that. She never gave anyone her total trust, not to his degree. But again, her leader would probably not even notice. It was better that way. She grinned, just as cheerfully as her companion as she finished her little speech of gratitude, and letting her true emotions fade back into her facade. Letting out an amused purr, she flicked her tail over Spiderstar's shoulder. "So. Wanna stay here, or wanna check the Clearing first? Your choice," - She asked with a crooked grin. Anything would be fine with her, as long as she could continue to stay beside Spiderstar.
Reply Waspstar
5:56 PM on January 23, 2016 
Waspstar gave an amused snort at his surprised expression, but didn't say anything. She suspected, quite rightly, that he was expecting another argument. What he apparently had forgot, his older memories fogged by more recent ones, hat she wasn't a vicious cat. She wasn't suspicious. She wasn't hostile. Usually, she was cheerful and pleasant to be around, and very much still like an unruly apprentice, the kind who could often be scolded for putting beetles in her den-mates nests as a jokes. She was once proud of her democracy, of defusing situations. But apparently her recent behavior had blocked some of those memories, as was to be expected, unfortunately. At the mention of her apprentice, she grinned. "Of course she's got spunk, why in the world else would I choose her for myself? I'm hardly going to pick someone mild and go-with-the-flow, am I? What fun would it be training someone like that?" - Waspstar laughed, swallowing down a cough that threatened to emerge with it. As well as she felt mentally, she felt herself growing weaker physically. I'd better get used to it, She reasoned grimly, after all, I'm going to die soon. That'll probably be unpleasant. Surprise registered on her own face as he apologized, before turning to a smile, although a rather sad one. "Sorry for what, if I may ask? I was the one yelling at everyone. You were trying the best you could to keep that cat's I'm responsible for safe, and what did I do? Argue with you at every turn. It's me who's sorry, Appledusk. I hope we can put this behind us? The Clan needs us both, working together, not against each other." - She admitted, dipping her head slightly in apology, and in meekness. She felt like she was in need of a good scolding. Perhaps one of the elders would oblige later. They didn't seem to mind scolding anyone.
Reply Rubystar
6:27 AM on January 15, 2016 
It took awhile but now you are on the list.
- FT high ranks
Reply Lynxfire
8:53 PM on January 10, 2016 
lol Dragons just an app, hes who I would sign up to be deputy when the time comes around.
Reply Waspstar
7:15 PM on January 10, 2016 
Wasppstar raced through her territory, grinning as she hopped over fallen trees, swerved around boulders, weaved through thickets. This was her territory, and she knew absolutely every paw-step of it. Ever since she was an apprentice, she'd loved running through the territory, exploring, having her own little adventures. When sh'd been made deputy, a mere moon after becoming a warrior, she'd shocked the entire Clan. Who was she, barely more than an apprentice, someone who loved to have fun and hang out with her friends, to become second-in charge? To become Leader? And Leader she became, when just a couple of moons later, the previous Leader's neck had been broken by a rouge dog, stealing his remaining five lives all at once? That was how, at only sixteen moons of age, Waspstrike had become Waspstar. It turned out however, that their previous Leader had made a wise design in making her his second in command. She'd turned out to be an exempairy Leader, well respected by the Clans for her peaceful negotiations and intelligence, as well as her ability to be a strong Leader, and yet a fun friend as well. And she knew how to relax, how to take a break when she had to. Hence the dashing through the winter wonderland. A sudden whiff of heathery scent made her slow to a lope as she neared the border. "Hello, Sheepstar," - She said politely as she approached the scent-line, smiling good-naturally, and settling down a tail-length from it. Close enough to have a pleasant conversation, but not close enough to spark tensions about borders.
Reply eveningsong
6:08 PM on January 10, 2016 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Waspstar
10:10 AM on June 2, 2015 
I'll be on later around 1:00

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