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s a l a m a n d e r t o n g u e

" im not bossy, i am the boss "


alias ○ salamanderpaw ;; age ○ nine moons ;; gender ○ she-cat

orientation ○ biromantic bisexual ;; preference ○ female preference

alignment ○ shadowclan ;; rank ○ apprentice

in depth

personality ○ one word to describe salamanderpaw would be sassy, a bold and lively she-cat. this apprentice is rather bossy as well, she likes to be in charge and doesn't enjoy when people act like just because she is younger she shouldn't have a say. this fem is rather good with kittens and younger felines though doesn't get along as well with authorities due to her bossy traits. she cares deeply for her clan and would do most anything to protect it. salamanderpaw isn't afraid to voice her opinions on a subject and is the type to believe she is always right until proven wrong, which she'll still take with a grain of salt. she can be over-protective of the ones she loves at times and slightly possessive or clingy.

physical ○ salamanderpaw is a petite she-cat, short in stature and rather slim, an air of elegance and grace surrounding her very being. she is naturally a very pretty she-cat with her form and way of holding herself. her pelt is dark, almost black, and covered in splashes of pale orange, giving her a tortoiseshell pattern. her chest, muzzle, and paws are bathed in an alabaster hue quite pleasing to the eye, standing out from the normal dark color of the rest of her pelt. her eyes are a stunning golden yellow, small and almond shaped and always seeming to hold a sparkle in them.


theme ○ tbd

voice ref ○ pauley perrette

~if your cat needs help, you can usually find me online if eveningsong isn't available, or if you'd just rather salamanderpaw help you can pm me or ask me in the ooc~

other characters i rp


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3:41 PM on April 12, 2016 
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7:49 PM on March 17, 2016 
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Reply eveningsong
9:39 AM on March 12, 2016 
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Reply Swanfrost
9:50 PM on January 20, 2016 
I absolutely love Sal's design
Reply . salamanderpaw .
10:43 PM on January 18, 2016 
White tipped toes dragged weakly across the clearing, a dark mass of fur moving slowly through the blood stained snow, the pristine white setting destroyed and vandalized. Blood soaked the slushy, muddy ground, a sign of the battle that had occurred. Had it even been a battle? It felt more like a massacre. Warriors and apprentices lay dead, hell, even kits had fallen victim to the jaws of those rouges. The bodies had all been collected and moved to the center of the clearing so others could mourn their losses. Salamanderpaw had been of the group of cats that helped round up the cold and lifeless corpses, dragging fallen warriors by their scruffs, carrying limp apprentices on her back, picking up the tiny, mangled bodies of kittens whose lives were stolen from them before they even got to experience it. Her chest hurt, ached with the loss of her clanmates, ached with fear and worry, ached at the thought of what was to come. The deaths that stung the most were the kittens, they were so young, so small, it felt so wrong to see them lie there among fully grown warriors, soaked in their own blood, cold and unmoving, their eyes glazed over with the look of death. Her face was damp from the tears she had shed, mind filled with a thick haze of sorrow and terror, eyes clouded and pained. The only comfort brought to her in this time was the knowledge that some she knew where still alive, still breathing even if it was labored breaths that wheezed and skipped that were cut with coughs. The kitten she had met the other day, Tansykit was still alive, she had to be, her body was not among the others so she must have been somewhere in the came. Her mentor was alive, her leader, her deputy. She was alive. And yet the still fresh scent of death and fear hung in the air, staining the shred of hope those thoughts carried with something darker. With a resigned sigh she glanced at the corpses and those mourning them, her silent sympathies being pressed their way, as she simply padded to an empty corner of camp and sank back onto her haunches to think, to relive this night, to wonder about what exactly was coming next.

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Reply Shriketongue
6:12 AM on January 12, 2016 
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Reply eveningsong
8:11 PM on January 11, 2016 
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Reply Sheepstar
3:27 PM on January 11, 2016 
Hello! Welcome to Forgotten Times! I am one of the moderators here as well as a co graphic designer, and i'd love to take the time to welcome you! I absolutley love your character, she's beautiful! Anyways, Im commonly known as Sheepstar, the leader of Windclan. If you have any questions just know they can be brought up to the Site owner [ravenfire] or i for instance! Happy Roleplaying hun!

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