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23 years old
Hehe.....where the ponys roam~
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If you came to my profile...You must be completely bored or a creepy stalker :3 Good. I like stalkers ^w^ Or maybe you wanted to know about my cats...Idk 83

Anywho. Here are my Shadowclan cats!

Name:  Zincsplash

Looks: Zinc is a creamy/silverish colored tom with a splash of black on his face, giving him the name of Zincsplash.  His eyes are a wide, beautiful royal blue. He has long, white whiskers and a set of clumsy paws. His tail is somewhat long and helps him keep balance/


Name: Maplepool

Looks: Maplepool is beautiful tortoishell with bright silver colored eyes. Her pelt is dappled with black, caramel and some parts that are white. Her pelt is slightly thick with long fur and fluffy tail. She has a black muzzle with a caramel colored stripe that runs from her nose, down her back to the tip of her tail.

Name: Brownpaw (Brownwhisker.)

Looks: Brownpaw is a brown tabby with thick, dark brown stripes that mark his body. He has a white chin, chest and underbelly with white 'socks' on all of his paws. His eyes are a bright amber that are full of love and excietment to be a apprentice of the Clan he is loyal to.

Name: Frostedpaw (Frostedpool.)

Looks: Frosty is a silver/blue she-cat with sky blue eyes. She has no markings or different colors. Just a plain old Russian blue c:

Name: Crystalkit (Crystalpaw, Crystalflower.)

Looks: Cry is a small tabby she-cat with a white face and tail. She has blue eyes and short fur

Name: Flintkit (Flintpaw, Flintshade.)

Looks: Black kit with big amber eyes and a long, skinny tail.


Name: Willowstream

Looks: Pretty silver/white she-cat with a blue/gray tail and paws. Her legs are white-striped and her eyes are a pretty gold/copper color.

Name: Tinyshadow

Looks: Dark gray tom with a black, fluffy tail. His eyes are yellow/gold/

Name: Minnowpaw (Minnowleap.)

Looks: Silver tabby with green eyes

Name: Pebblepaw (Pebbletail.)

Looks: Orange tabby with a spotted tail

Name: Lakekit (Lakepaw, Lakewhisker.)

Looks: Silver kitten with blue eyes

Name: Carpkit (Carppaw, Carpclaw.)

Looks: White kit with black legs and amber eyes


Name: Gingerfoot

Looks: Cream colored tom with ginger striped legs. Orange eyes. Former kittypet named Copper.

Name: Applespirit.

Looks: Tortoishell with blue/amber eyes

Name: Thrushpaw (Thrushjump.)

Looks: Dusty brown tabby with green eyes

Name: Turtlepaw (Turtlefur.)

Looks: Calico with amber eyes

Name(s): Amberkit and Leafkit (Ambertail and Leafsong.)

Looks: Amber is a white kit with a orange tail. Leafsong is a white and brown tabby.

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Reply ~Sigh~Rainstar and co.
10:00 AM on June 14, 2014 
Thunder babies? X3
Reply Moonpaw(Midnight)
11:22 AM on June 3, 2014 
Welcome to Forgotten Times!!

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