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Name | Ravenkit Ravenpaw Raven???

Clan | ShadowClan

Physical Description | A glossy, sleek ebony pelt covers the massive frame of this elegant she cat. The only flaw in this ocean of darkness are the violet optics that seem to glow from her eyesockets. Beneath the shiny coat of fur are powerful muscles that allow her to kill with a strong blow from a single paw, she just doesn't know how much strength she truly has. These muscles also allow her to carry herself in a proper, graceful manner. Long fangs protrude a claw and a half from her maw when it is closed and extra long claws lightly tap on the ground as she walks. She is the embodiment of fear and elegance.

Mental Description | Social, charming, vicious, cold, and treachorous. She loved to cause mischief , starting in her early days of being a kit. The mind that is protected in her skull is that of a brilliant tactician. This she cat is insane for bloodshed. The evilness in her stone cold heart is quite obvious to all, but she does have a kind side. If she deems one worthy, she gives them undying loyalty.

Relationships | Spiderpaw (Enemy for now)

Siblings | Rabbitpaw (deceased), Viperpaw, and Stonepaw (deceased)

Quote | "No one wants to taste the blood of their enemies more than I. No one enjoys seeing the fear in another's eyes as more than I. No one appreciates the company of death than those who have met me."

Name | Viperkit Viperpaw Viper???

Clan | ShadowClan

Physical Description | Pattern by the stripes found on most tabby cats, this dark brown tom's coat fades to a golden yellow on his underbelly. Venom green eyes seem to cast a faint hue around the fur surrounding them. The build of Viperpaw is that of a large feline and the muscles that make up his body mass are very strong. These muscles not only make him an excellent fighter, but a speedy hunter. Fangs that slightly protrude from his mouth give him his prefix name.

Mental Description |  Though the sheer size of this feline is frightening, he is a gentle soul, but he is known to lash out sometimes. With a short temper, charming personality, and kind heart Viperpaw can gain the friendship of almost any cat.  His personality is very neurturing and forgiving. This tom is wise beyond his years and likes to keep a well planned and organized schedule. He is primarily The undying loyalty to his Clan and Clanmates can only be matched by few. He says the only way he will join StarClan is when he dies in battle to defend his Clan.

Relationships | Possibly has a crush on... Hah, he won't tell.

Siblings | Rabbitpaw (deceased) Ravenpaw, and Stonepaw (deceased)

Quote | "Without loyalty and organization in the Clan, we might as well call ourselves a band of rogues and murder each other."

NEW CHARACTERS | Battlepaw, Stonepaw and Desertpaw (ThunderClan).

For more information about my characters, please visit my character site.

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Reply Cobaltpaw
10:45 PM on July 11, 2014 
hello meh buddy I miss u meh friend come hang with me soon
Reply ~Sigh~Rainstar and co.
6:28 PM on June 16, 2014 
Welcome! I love your profile.
If you need help just ask, I'm a admin

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