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ßr i n d l e

Name} Brindlebite

Gender} female

Age} 16 moons

Affiliation} ShadowClan - The Gang (former)

Rank} Warrior

Affection} none ♥ loner

Kin} Tornadokit, Flamekit, Tulipkit, Buzzardkit{offspring} Snare{father}, Tabu{mother}, Anchor{brother}, Shrike{sister}, Fin{sister}, Thrivingflame, Screechowl, Skullshatter{offspring from previous life}

Power}    Electricity

Personality} Bitter-Stubborn-Tough-Sensetive-Indifferent


- Nothing here but love by Lenka

- Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd


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12:20 AM on October 30, 2014 
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12:54 PM on July 20, 2014 
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Reply Brindlebite
1:03 AM on July 5, 2014 
~Talonstar~: "Tch.. Your words disgust me." He stood, lashing his tail. "Despite his actions SOMETIMES?! Did I mention you and him ganged up on my brother npt too long after he became deputy! You two were making ao
~Talonstar~: much racket that he had to say something and you both harmed him!" He spat and spun around. "Of you love him so god damn much, forget me. Sorry if I didnt want to be murdered for loving you." He stalked off towards camp.
Brindlebite: A loud snarl burst from her lips and she narrowed her eyes, "It doesn't matter who the fuck he is, you just insulted my DEAD mate and my FAMILY!!" She screeched after him and turned, sprinting off to the swamp.
Reply Brindlebite
1:00 AM on July 5, 2014 
~Talonstar~: "I feel no regret saying this.. I wish he died sooner.. He took everything from me.. He made it so .." His russet ears flattened. "-so that I coupdnt come out of my shell.. And worst of all.." He gritted his fangs together. "He had you.. And ou had kits and.. Now.. Another little spawn of him.."
Brindlebite: Brindlebite blinked in surprise and stood up quickly, her fur bristling. "Excuse me?! I know that you and I are.. together now or whatever but he WAS my mate and I LOVED him! You didn't even make yourself known to me when he was alive so how was it HIS fault that I was in love with him?! And how DARE you insult my kits like that?! Their father was a brave warrior and despite his actions sometimes, he was loyal to his clan and stronger than any cat I'll ever know!! I'm proud to have been his mate, and I'm positive that all of our kits will grow up to be GREAT warriors! I am disgusted by your careless words!" She hissed and ignored the fact that her cheeks were sodden with tears. Despite the fact that she'd found someone else that made her happy, it didn't numb the love she once felt for Venomfanf. He HAD been her mate and first love after all, and NO ONE insulted her kits like that! "Another little spawn of him.."
Reply Swift &Co.
2:17 AM on July 2, 2014 
Reply tigerpaw
10:51 PM on June 30, 2014 
Sorry xD
Reply тαℓσиѕтαя
11:15 PM on June 29, 2014 
Swiggity swooty
Reply тαℓσиѕтαя
5:26 PM on June 1, 2014 
Mountain: I be comin' fo' dat booty c8
Reply Brindlebite
5:19 PM on May 31, 2014 
Mockingsmite stumbled into the swamp, her limbs weak and her face wrinkled in pain. She collapsed on the riverbank and groaned as a contraction tore through her body like a knife. She cried out in pain and pushed as hard as she could; a small grey tabby and white tom-kit slid out onto the damp moss and she twisted around to break the sac and clean it. After the first kit lay peacefully nursing at her stomach another contraction rippled through her and she gasped, pushing again. A tiny cream colored she-kit appeared and Mockingsmite repeated the process again. Though she was finished kitting she continued bleeding and began feeling rather faint. The moss beneath her turned red and the scarlet liquid ran down into the marshy water creating ugly swirls. Mocking's bright icy blue gaze began to blue and she glanced down at her two newborn kits. "Glacierkit and Gossamerkit.." She wheezed pointing to the tom then the she-kit. With little effort she sank back down into the moss and closed her eyes, exhaling her last thin breath before going limp. (MOCK'S DEATH)
Reply Brindlebite
10:31 PM on May 28, 2014 
Kent narrowed his eyes at the dens trying to remember which one belonged to Icestar. First he poked his head into the nursery and staggered back out quickly, figuring that Icestar wouldn't be in there unless his mate had kits or he was hiding his true gender and was pregnant which was highly unlikely. After that he trotted over to the den that looked the most sheltered and pushed through the curtain, "Icestar!" He purred and sighed in relief, glad to have found the correct den.
Reply Ravenfire
10:16 PM on May 21, 2014 
Reply Brindlebite
7:42 PM on May 18, 2014 
Flame grunted as he forced herself to continue ahead. Tears dappled the ground behind her, glistening like droplets of dew. She swung around a small clearing near the swamp and coughed, head low. Her flame went out from her tail, just leabing streaks of smoke that soon faded.
Brindlebite: Thrivingfire followed the she-cat's scent and emerged from the bushes into the marsh "Hey. I deserve an apology." He said coldly and frowned deeply.
~Talonslash~: Flame's ears sank to her skull, looking up as she trembled. "Just.. Go away..!" Her voice crackled as she tried as hard as she could to fight back her feelings. "I havent done anything wrong!.." She soon snapped, "just dont hurt me!" She fell on her belly, paws over her head.
Brindlebite: Thriving's fur bristled and he growled, "I'm not going to hurt you! JUST SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" He roared and his claws sizzled as they met the marshy water. The rest of his body began to radiate heat as Flame's did previously. Within a matter of seconds his body was engulfed in giant blue flames and his bright blue eyes glowed like two full moons.
Reply Brindlebite
10:54 PM on May 14, 2014 
The black and white she-cat's ears slowly flattened and she rose to her paws, legs shaking a little. "No.. That can't be true. No it can't. No no no... The.. The last time we talked I fought with her... No!" She cried and began to crumble at last. What a pitiful thing to see such a harsh creature so vulnerable and sorrowful. She bit down on her lip until scarlet streams of blood dribbled down her chin. "Flamestorm... Please forgive me.." She wept.
Reply Brindlebite
10:51 PM on May 14, 2014 
Brindlebite: Brindlebite sighed a little and looked up, her eyes locking on Flame's. "Flamestorm...?" She breathed and moved her paw forward, placing it on the auburn feline's. " I'm so scared, Venomfang.. He's stuck in the Dark Forest. I miss him so much it hurts me to think of him so alone in that awful place... I long for the sound of his voice and the warmth of his fur..." She whimpered.
Reply Brindlebite
10:50 PM on May 13, 2014 
Brindlebite: Brindlebite's ears flicked as she lay in the warriors den, her head hanging sadly. I hear his voice even now... she thought, not bothering to glance out into the clearing where her mate was now conscious. "I will make the Dark Forest give him back!" She hissed quietly.
Reply Brindlebite
7:22 PM on May 11, 2014 
Brindlebite: "Negative attention." He corrected her and swiped his salmon pink tongue across the smooth scar on his neck. "Down a cat? You were never a part of this clan! Making you leave wouldn't make a difference to us! You honestly think you matter?! Get your facts straight, attention whore! In a clan you have to earn attention and praise!" He shouted.
Reply Brindlebite
7:11 PM on May 11, 2014 
Brindlebite: The dark tabby tom blinked his narrowed cerulean gaze and scoff burst from his lips, "Looks aren't going to get you anywhere, bitch." He chuckled and looked her up and down, "Plus, 'pretending' is right cause that's a I see going on here." Thrivingfire raised his feline brows and let out a purr of amusement, "Perhaps you should just leave now. It'd be less humiliating."
Reply Cherryblaze
1:16 PM on April 6, 2014 
Reply Brindlebite
11:41 PM on March 8, 2014 
"I never wanted it to be like this! I never wanted these feelings, I never wanted to be medicine cat, I never wanted to hurt my leg! Purgestrike is the only thing keeping me sane, I can't have that taken away from me too!" She said in a dangerously low cold voice. (Minnow
Reply Brindlebite
12:55 AM on February 20, 2014 
A soft breeze swept over the surface of the water, causing it to stir and ripple faintly while she continued to approach slowly. She crouched down and stared into the crystal clear water though all she could see were the stars' reflections. The fur along her spine prickled and hushed whispers brushed past her ears like passing snowflakes. Minnowpaw drew in a deep breath and craned her neck, lapping up a drop or two of the water. It tasted of the freshest gust of wind and the highest mountain peak though Minnow never dreamed of venturing further than the forest she could almost see clearly the world beyond. Or at least imagine it.

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