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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it
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Promise of the Clans

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Egyptpaw/step- windclan she-cat. Egyptpaw is a silver egyptian mau she-cat with sea green eyes. She has a thick scar running down his chest from his father nearly trying to kill her. She is sweet, stubborn, loving, hardheaded and bright minded she-cat.

Littlesnow- shadowclan she-cat. Littlesnow is a pretty white she-cat with grey and black speckles throughout her fur. She has awesome purple eyes. She is quiet, shy and sweet. 

Sharptongue- shadowclan. Sharp is a large dark brown tabby with sharp, mysterious blue eyes. He is respectful, loving, hardheaded, an ass sometimes and stubborn. His mate is Frozenrose. 

Crimsonblood-Shadowclan tom. He is a calico tabby(torbie) tom with dark forest green eyes. He is playful, rough, and sometimes mean. He wants to be like his grandfather, Venomstar. His parents are Sharptongue and Frozenrose. His mentor is Raindusk( )

Embertail- Shadowclan tom. He is a silver and brown toyger tom, a mix of his fathers brown toyger pelt and his mothers silver toyger pelt, with pale green eyes. He is quiet, shy, and usually jumpy. He is also very tall. His mentor is Wolfsong( )

Freak- gang healer. a white and black tom with a scarred face and horrible red eyes. He has a black tail and black ears. He is stubborn, hateful and hardheaded.

Hauntedkit/paw/blood- tc she-cat. She is a black and white she-cat with bright green eyes. She is afraid of the ghost she sees and mainly of the ones that haunt her. Her eyes are almost always filled with fear. Other than her fears, she is sweet, kind and shy. 

Ghostpaw/dawn- shc She-cat. She is a pretty leopard print she cat with a golden brown chest, belly and tail. She has pretty green eyes along with tan paws and a tan striped tail. She is gentle, calm and shy. 

Feather/Echosplash- shadowclan she-cat. A beautiful calico she-cat with stunning green eyes. She is the mother of Bloodkit-a female with a creme pelt and brown colored speckles and stripes and bright silver eyes, Poisonkit-a tom with brown tabby pelt, a creamy tan tail and a muzzle with two tan dots above his deep amber/red eyes, Venomkit-a female with a cream body and brown speckles on her back, cheeks, tail and back paws, she has a white spot on her forehead and bright green eyes like her mother, and Toxickit-a tiny tom with a tortoiseshell pelt, he has light moss green eyes.

Mintpaw/eyes- riverclan tom. He is sweet, shy, and calm. He hates fighting but is overprotective of what he loves the most. He has no crush or mate. He wants to be the best warrior he can be. 

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6:25 PM on February 6, 2013 
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